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DX midi plugin back in town? (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  DX midi plugin back in town?   -   Louis JDLTnet

DX midi plugin back in town?
Date: 05.06.02 17:18 (Wed, 05 Jun 2002 12:18:05 -0400)
From: Louis JDLTnet

>> That remind me of another good plugin author who was unreachable for
>> some time Mr. Cabano of Dx-Midi (and BTW he now seems to be back with his
>> DXmidi plugin and an improved web site for those who need serious midi on
>> RB).

> Please share this info with the rest of us!
> Since my mail connection with the NG was broken for a few days, I thought
> I was the last one to know.

For all those interested in midi, the link to DXmidi and realvision is
now back on at http://www.cabanis.com/realvision/index.php (i dunno if his
mails his working though)

And not only that but I think it is less expensive than it used to be (at
20$ it makes a lot of sense) and the site is clean.


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