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Carbon window collapse (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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Carbon window collapse
Date: 14.09.02 08:44 (Sat, 14 Sep 2002 00:44:46 -0700)
From: Kevin Wood
I am trying to make my own interface for my application that runs in
Carbon. My one problem is that I cannot successfully implement a
Minimize button. A call to CollapseWindow in CarbonLib fails, because
the "kWindowCanCollapse" seems to be set to false in any RB window
without a titlebar (kWindowCanCollapse is the third bit returned from
GetWindowFeatures() in CarbonLib). I've looked long and hard for a way
to set this bit to true without also having an OS-drawn titlebar. I'm
even willing to hex the built application, if I could figure out what to
hex. Can anyone help??

(Minimizing in Win32, by the way, works without problem).


-Kevin Wood