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I have found where this crash happens (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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Re: Mail Errors [was Re: New Plugins SDK Available]   -   Jan Erik Moström <
  I have found where this crash happens   -   Ruslan Zasukhin

I have found where this crash happens
Date: 17.01.03 22:02 (Fri, 17 Jan 2003 23:02:29 +0200)
From: Ruslan Zasukhin
Hi Joe and All.

I have isolate function prototype in V4RB plugin which cause crash as was
reported today on list by other developers.

> Thread 0 Crashed:
> #0 0x0027c034 in PropertyType::GetName(void)
> #1 0x0027ceb0 in ObjectMethod::BuildPrototypeParams(void)
> #2 0x0028f818 in
> BuildClassMethod__FP12LoadedPluginP16ObjectDefinitionP20REALme
> #3 0x0029268c in 0x29268c
> #4 0x00292c0c in FinalizePluginDefs(LoadedClass *)
> #5 0x002933c0 in LoadCurrentPlugins(string)
> #6 0x00294390 in LoadPlugins(void)
> #7 0x0025c194 in 0x25c194

The offended function (at least in my case is)

SqlExecute(Query as string, Binds() as String) as integer

This is THE ONLY function in V4RB which use Array in parameter.

So now question is:

Is above syntax is correct (It have work in 4.5 RB, btw)
Or we must use other syntax ?

Or this is bug in RB and we need wait for its fix ?