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  dear sir   -   a.wehbi ids.com.lb
   Re: dear sir   -   Christian Schmitz

dear sir
Date: 28.01.03 13:51 (Tue, 28 Jan 2003 06:51:08 -0600)
From: a.wehbi ids.com.lb
Dear sir

plz i am using an editfield
in this editfield i have to use the following function:

charposatlinenum and linenumatcharpos

and in this editfield
i will write both languages arabic and english
my problem is when i want to search for a specific letter
than the result of the search for example we search for "asd" we got 46
then this 46 will be if we count 45 letter from the begining of the editfield

then in the other side i want to hilight a word begining from this result
but in real, if i write editfield1.selstartF
the begining of this selection will not be correct in macosX,
but in macos9.2 it works correctly

i have seen that the the position in the screen when we press on an letter with the command "mouse down"
and the method "charposatXY" will give me another result then 46.

this is my problem because if i take a string with combination of many language. and i see the length of this string. it will for example 36 and when i press in the beging of the string with charposatxy it will be for example 5 and the end must be 41 be in real i found it 52 or more

is there any solution to this problem
and what is this problem that i found it in macosX only , but it works correctly on macos9

thanks a lot
waiting for ur response

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Re: dear sir
Date: 28.01.03 17:25 (Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:25:04 +0100)
From: Christian Schmitz
> Dear sir

some tipps.

1. Try the email list named "<email address removed>".
2. Try to set the subject to something better than "dear sir" like
"problems with the editfield.charposatXY function"