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  Objective-C framework and plugin   -   Daniel Chiaramello

Objective-C framework and plugin
Date: 03.06.03 08:37 (Tue, 3 Jun 2003 09:37:52 +0200)
From: Daniel Chiaramello
Hello all.

Sorry if that subject has already been debated, but I did not find it
in archive.

I was given a MacOSX framework written in Objective-C, with 2 classes
as entry points, and I want to do a RB plugin to have access to these
But I don't see how to do that...
I never put my hands on Objective-C (yet) - this may explain that! It's
the interface between the Objective-C framework and my C++ plugin which
is interesting me - not the Realbasic part about class and method and
function plugin definitions!

What is the best path to follow?

Thanks for your attention,

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