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mouse vs. cocoa
Date: 04.06.03 00:47 (Wed, 4 Jun 2003 01:47:56 +0200)
From: Nik

I made a plugin that uses bundle to
create NSStatusItem. Just to test these things.
And the problem occured to me. I can succesully
create the status item, set its title,or whether its enabled or not etc.
Unfortunately,highlightMode or tooltip doesn't work and
it seems that...status item i create does not respond to any mouse
events. It doesn't not show tooltip,it doesn't highlight when clicked.
Appropriate c-wrappers correctly set appropriate "properties"
tooltip) but the StatusItem i get is simply "unreactable".

I could understand crash.

I could understand it not working at all.

I can't understand that particular and peculiar behaviour :)

I tried both - compiled app and ide.


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