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Re: Plugin SDK for Codewarrior 9   -   Garth Hjelte
  Re: Plugin SDK for Codewarrior 9 SOLVED   -   Garth Hjelte

Re: Plugin SDK for Codewarrior 9 SOLVED
Date: 08.06.04 03:56 (Mon, 07 Jun 2004 21:56:01 -0500)
From: Garth Hjelte
OK, thanks for all your patience you guys. This is evil stuff!

I'll say this now so you don't have the read the story, but thanks for
everyone for uncovering the problem. It seems obvious NOW, but I do want to
tell you that maybe many new people don't make the connection that
PEFÏM=OS9-abilityÊrbon (loosely put). I didn't. CW makes it worse by
flying all these acronyms by you.

OK, so basically now I know that we need to basically make Carbon, or
PEF/CFM plugins, or sort of saying we need to make OS9/OSX plugins.

The happy thing is that I'm almost ready to make plugins, and I think it'll
be pretty easy now. The SDK documentation is quite clear and I'm raring to
go, as soon as I get what I need. Now I get to talk like you guys... =)

Upon learning the PEF/CFM/OS9/Carbon info, I decided to check back to my
order history, as I bought CW from MacMall back in November. I have all my
CW stuff, such as the CD, DVD case, and license number form, but those are
all generic - in fact, they say "Mac OS9" on them, which is inaccurate
because the program runs on OSX. So the confusion started early.

(Not only that, there is NOTHING within Codewarrior itself that tells you
what product you have, like you mentioned! Installed != Licensed, and you
can't even go up to their web site and put in your license code and see
what you are licensed for.)

OK, to my horror, I saw that I ordered this (verbatim)


So I'm thinking - "shoot, I actually ordered an OSX only product, when I
know that I have OS9 and OSX customers to support. Why would I do that
then?" I then looked around at MacMalls descriptions of the product, only
to see:

"CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS V9 & OSX"

Notice the ampersand. I have a bad tendency to be too literal, so I read
this to mean "CW for OS9 and OSX". That's what that means, right? What I
must have done was to see that, then placed the order, assume the shortened
product title was an abbreviation of the description.

Not only that, there are other products at MacMall that say

"CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS V9, OSX, & classic Mac"

Which confuses the issue even more, because you think that "classic Mac" is
all the 68K talk that floats around. One of my references is The Definitive
Realbasic, in which Matt talks at length of being compatible with 68K
stuff, so it's still on my mind.

Lastly, MacMall's site has very little information that could have
straightened the confusion out. Only by going to Metrowerks site and
looking at the right places could you really get the picture.

So all this time I'm convinced I bought a product that supports OSX and OS9
(no matter what it's hosted on), when in actuality the version of CW is #9
and... well, you've figured it out.

It was only on the email that you get AFTER you license which gives you the
REAL name of the product:

"CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS X v9"

But you know, I didn't read that, since I already know what I bought -
which was actually NOT what I bought.

So of course I'm a dead duck, because it's seven months later, and I expect
SOMEBODY to laugh at me and internally say "idiot." =) And I don't see any
upgrade pricing.

So tomorrow I'll call up Metrowerks and use a little sweet-talking to see
what they'll let me do. I'll then call MacMall and tell them to inch it up
in the grammar dept.

Sometimes companies really come through in the "we understand" dept. and if
they did this time I'd be really impressed. But I doubt it.

Garth Hjelte
Sampler User

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