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Preventing RB from handling the focus in the window (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  Preventing RB from handling the focus in the window   -   Alfred Van Hoek

Preventing RB from handling the focus in the window
Date: 13.06.04 01:31 (Sat, 12 Jun 2004 20:31:07 -0400)
From: Alfred Van Hoek
I've got a complicated control on a window which has a couple of my own
constructed editfields. Currently I am in an experimental phase to
investigate if the REALcontrol should have the flag REALacceptFocus, and if
REALSetControlFocus can be used in the absence of the REALacceptFocus flag.

These investigations are conducted separately for mac os and for windows.
Without knowing the internals of REALbasic, and the possibility that I have
to use toolbox calls, which will include investigations again, in
combination with REALacceptFocus, it's gonna be a stresfull weekend.

Could someone enlighten me in what I should avoid, or which direction I
should pursue?

I really do not need the Gainedfocus and LostFocus functions here, because
the control itself has embedded editfields, and this control has its own
mechanism to advance the focus from one to the other editfield. The tabkey
however should be available to let the control be responsive to user events.

This leads to another potential problem: REALbasic is stealing the tabkey on


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