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Teleo Modules
Date: 21.06.04 16:37 (Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:37:52 +0200)
From: XZoRK
Hi there everyone.

I have bought myself a couple of Teleo modules from
www.MakingThings.com. Those things are really awsome. These modules
give you the capacity of for instance controlling engines, reading
analog or digital data from an external device etc etc.
The great people at MakingThings have made plugins available for MAX
(which is a heavily used visual OOP language in the music industry).
These work great. But here the story doesn't end. They also made an SDK
in C to make your own apps and stuff.
Now, what I would really like to do is to make plugins for Realbasic
from this SDK, giving me the possibility to write nice apps in
Realbasic and still being able to talk to those modules as if it's
The first real big problem I encountered was the fact that the SDK is
created for XCode and that I can't simply port the libraries from that
SDK into a CodeWarrior project.
I guess the C and C++ differences between the two SDK's will give some
other sweet problems too, but that's a concern for later.

I have been reading around a bit and for what I could find and
understand is that there would be no way to port the RB Plugin SDK from
CodeWarrior to XCode.
Well, I have tried it (importing an example from the SDK) and it gives
me (accept for lot's of errors) the message that it eventually gets
compiled (target is pluginCarbon of course). But I can't seem to find
any file or app or something. I don't really get it, but it must
obviously be me that did something wrong.

So here's the one million dollar question: Is there ANY way that I
could get these things together? I am willing to put these plugin's
online both for RB as for MakingThings people, but than I really need
to get them done.

Another problem is that it is getting urgent more and more every day,
so, people, please help me out here!!

Many greetings from the small country Belgium,

Filip Roose

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Re: Teleo Modules
Date: 21.06.04 16:50 (Mon, 21 Jun 2004 10:50:18 -0500)
From: Joseph J. Strout
At 5:37 PM +0200 6/21/04, XZoRK wrote:

>So here's the one million dollar question: Is there ANY way that I
>could get these things together?

Sure, there are lots of ways to skin this cat, but here's what I
would suggest: make a cross-platform plugin in CodeWarrior that
supports whatever platforms they have drivers for (I'm guessing this
is at least OS X and Win32). If their OS X glue code is in the form
of a PEF library, then you can either make a Mach-O plugin for OS X,
or a CFM one that loads symbols from their library dynamically.
Neither of these is trivial but it can certainly be done. (But you
might ask them if they have a CFM library as well, which would make
your job much easier.)

- Joe