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[ANN] RBGarage.com Reminder! (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  [ANN] RBGarage.com Reminder!   -   Dave Wooldridge

[ANN] RBGarage.com Reminder!
Date: 15.11.04 18:19 (Mon, 15 Nov 2004 09:19:35 -0800)
From: Dave Wooldridge
REALbasic Developers:

When announcing new REALbasic-related product releases, don't forget to
submit them as listings on RB Garage, the largest independent online
resource for REALbasic software developers! Featuring more than 780 links
to plugins, classes, modules, examples, services, applications and more, RB
Garage is one of the best ways to reach the REALbasic community! Besides
being included on RBGarage.com, new listings are broadcast every week in RB
Garage's News Feed, so take advantage of this amazing free marketing
exposure -- submit your listings today!

Sign up on RB Garage as a free member to submit, update and maintain your
listings -- http://www.rbgarage.com/

To receive the RB Garage News Feed, simply add the following URL to your
favorite news reader -- http://feeds.feedburner.com/rbgarage -- OR you can
view the latest news feed postings online at http://www.rbgarage.com/

Dave Wooldridge
RB Garage Webmaster

RB Garage - http://www.RBGarage.com
The largest independent online resource
For REALbasic software developers!

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