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Image Resizing in Win32... (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  Image Resizing in Win32...   -   Suikyo

Image Resizing in Win32...
Date: 08.06.05 05:52 (Wed, 08 Jun 2005 13:52:16 +0900)
From: Suikyo
This is topics in relative in "REALGraphicsDC does not work any more".

How should I do to reduce the image by using GDI?
---------------------------- code ---------------------------
REALpicture modThumbnail(REALpicture instance,int width,int height)
REALpictureDescription srcDesc;

//Get original-picture peroperty
REALgraphics srcGraphics = REALGetPictureGraphics(instance);
HDC srcDC = REALGraphicsDC(srcGraphics);
REALLockPictureDescription(instance, &srcDesc);
int srcWidth = srcDesc.width;
int srcHeight = srcDesc.height;
int srcDepth = srcDesc.depth;

REALpicture memPicture = REALNewPicture( width, height, 32 );
REALgraphics memGraphics = REALGetPictureGraphics( memPicture );
HDC memDC = REALGraphicsDC( memGraphics );

#ifdef UseInternalDraw
::Rect rBounds;
//It works fine. but it is nearest-neighber algorithm.
REALDrawPicturePrimitive( memDC, instance, &rBounds, false );
return memPicture;
//set stretch mode. No error.
DebugMessage("Failed : SetStretchBltMode");return nil;
//Return Brush Pos. No error.
DebugMessage("Failed : SetBrushOrgEx");return nil;
//Execute StretchBlt. Show Message "Failed..."
srcDC,0,0,srcWidth,srcHeight,SRCCOPY) =OULL ){
DebugMessage("Failed : StretchBlt");
return nil;
return memPicture;
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