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Using GCC to develop cross platform plugins (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  Using GCC to develop cross platform plugins   -   Bobby Skinner

Using GCC to develop cross platform plugins
Date: 24.06.05 21:58 (Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:58:26 -0400)
From: Bobby Skinner

I was wondering if anyone had a document describing the process of
developing cross-platform plugins on the mac using GCC instead of
CodeWarrior. I can see from this post http://support.realsoftware.com/
listarchives/realbasic-plugins/2005-05/msg00112.html that some have
done it, but I am new to writing plugins, so I am a little lost. I am
currently starting my first plugin using the XCode skeleton project,
but as soon as I get past that will want to make it cross-platform.
If anyone has some internal documentation (that you are willing to
share) I would greatly appreciate it.


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