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Plugin Crashes in 2005 (Real Studio Plugins Mailinglist archive)

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  Plugin Crashes in 2005   -   Seth Willits

Plugin Crashes in 2005
Date: 26.06.05 02:36 (Sat, 25 Jun 2005 18:36:07 -0700)
From: Seth Willits
The SpriteWorld plugin I wrote works fine in 5.5, but in 2005 it
crashes when the IDE starts up with an "EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION". I have
no idea where to begin. I read Joe's message on updating plugins for
2005, but it sounds to me like I don't need to change anything.

Seth Willits
Freak Software - http://www.freaksw.com/
ResExcellence - http://www.resexcellence.com/realbasic/

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