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Re: Problem with RB 2006r3 beta 3   -   Ruslan Zasukhin

Re: Problem with RB 2006r3 beta 3
Date: 16.06.06 12:26 (Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:26:55 +0300)
From: Ruslan Zasukhin

> Would you please get the latest RB beta...when I try to compile
> anything with it (and V4RB is in the plugin folder) I get this error
> message:
> An error has occurred while compiling this project
> Message: End quote missing.
> File: V4RB
> Component: Valentina
> Item: ImportTextAnalyse


File as FolderItem,
FieldDelimeter as String = \",\", <<<<<<<<<<<
LineDelimeter as String = \"\",
inEncoding as String = \"UTF-16\",
inHasColumnHeader as Boolean = false) as Integer

May be they do not like this come inside of quotes..
But it have work so long ...

It is not clear:

if this is a new bug in RB 2006 b3 - and REAL should fix it?

or this is fix of OLD bug of RB - and we need fix our code ?