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  #pragma StackOverflowChecking false for plugin?   -   Mike Woodworth

#pragma StackOverflowChecking false for plugin?
Date: 21.10.06 02:35 (Fri, 20 Oct 2006 21:35:18 -0400)
From: Mike Woodworth
hello all,

I've started writing my very first plugin for RB, and it's working
great. The problem is, I'm building MPThreads via declares, and
would like to call into a plugin from the thread. I know this will
sound utterly crazy to most of you, but i want to limit my plugin to
code the very minimum to ease maintenance. the mpthreads are working
when running rb code now... but it runs about half as fast as the
same code in a plugin. I'd like to call the plugin from this
mpthread, but I get a stackoverflow exception on the plugin call. is
there a way to solve this?

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