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  Debugging plugins, again...   -   Theodore H. Smith

Debugging plugins, again...
Date: 21.06.07 23:06 (Thu, 21 Jun 2007 23:06:57 +0100)
From: Theodore H. Smith
OK, I'm getting a bug in my ElfData plugin, that I don't see in pure C
++ mode, and the bug is buried deep in some internal functions.

So how to get Xcode's debugger breakPoints to fire on my plugin when
called from RB?

I found some example written by some guy from RS, but it doesn't
work. He said this:

" Debugging plugins. Like you would any dylib for any application:
Add a custom executable pointing to your application you built.
Set the active executable to this one.
Set the build location for the build configuration of the target
specified to be the Frameworks folder inside of the application built.
Delete the original dylib that REALbasic put there.
Build using the configuration for the proper location.

And it didn't work :(

And he doesn't specify what I run. Do I run Xcode and press Debug
from Xcode and the .app opens by itself? Or do I open the .app and
the dylib loads into Xcode's debugger? Or what? I don't get it.

I'm stuck.