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[MBS] FYI: Leopard HUD windows need Cocoa (MBS Xojo Plugin Mailinglist archive)

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Re: [MBS] 9.3pr11   -   Garth Hjelte
  [MBS] FYI: Leopard HUD windows need Cocoa   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] FYI: Leopard HUD windows need Cocoa
Date: 03.03.08 03:01 (Mon, 3 Mar 2008 03:01:09 +0100)
From: Christian Schmitz

>From the Apple Mailing list:

> > In Leopard, QuickLook Interface Builder, and others use a semi-
> > transparent 50% black panel with a big X in the Go-Away ... has
> > anyone figured out the exact combination of window class, theme,
> > attributes, etc. to do these under Carbon?
> Carbon doesn't support that window style. It's only supported by AppKit.

So no HUD windows in RB until they move to Cocoa.

(except I make my own class to run Cocoa windows)