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[MBS] Just 11 weeks till REAL Studio Summit 2011 (MBS Xojo Plugin Mailinglist archive)

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  [MBS] Just 11 weeks till REAL Studio Summit 2011   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] Just 11 weeks till REAL Studio Summit 2011
Date: 01.01.11 22:01 (Sat, 1 Jan 2011 22:01:48 +0100)
From: Christian Schmitz

You are living in the United States? Or you'd love to go there for a conference?
In just eleven weeks you have the chance to meet REAL Studio developers you know from the forum or the mailing list. And you can ask me all the questions you have about our plugins and services :-)

The early bird price until end of January is $350 (later $450). Sign up now!

Take the chance to visit Atlanta, meet other REAL Studio developers and learn from REAL Software engineers first hand about news on REAL Studio. A lot of sessions will show you what others did with REAL Studio before and how to use some of the famous tools for developing. Other sessions will show some best practices on development techniques like databases. Over time more sessions will be added and if you like you can do a presentation yourself.

More details are available here:

PS: For everyone who likes to visit our conference in Germany, you can register here: REALcon 2011 in Essen, Germany.
Early bird registration fee there is 179 Euro incl. VAT: http://arbpmembers.org/real-studio-summit-2011