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[MBS] pic to NSMenuMBS.View
Date: 22.04.11 00:41 (Thu, 21 Apr 2011 19:41:34 -0400)
From: Aaron Andrew Hunt
How do I assign an image to an NSMenuMBS.View?

I have existing:
m as NSMenuMBS
i as NSMenuItemMBS
pic, mask as picture

I try:

dim imageView as new NSImageViewMBS
dim view as NSViewMBS

imageView.image = new NSImageMBS(pic, mask)
View = iv
i.view = View
m.AddItem i

But it doesn't work. I want the menu item to show the picture. I don't want to use the .image property because this is supposed to be an icon and makes the menu item very wide. the view lets the item be the size of the view. Any help?


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