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Re: [MBS] NSxx Control question   -   Garth Hjelte
  [MBS] [ANN] 12.0pr4   -   Christian Schmitz
   Re: [MBS] [ANN] 12.0pr4   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 12.0pr4
Date: 01.01.12 16:52 (Sun, 1 Jan 2012 16:52:22 +0100)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Improved IconFamilyMBS class to work on Cocoa target.
* Added LCMS2CurveSegmentMBS, LCMS2Mat3MBS, LCMS2UcrBgMBS and LCMS2Vec3MBS classes.
* Fixed bug with XLBookMBS functions Sheets, Fonts and Formats. The arrays now contain the right things.
* Improved GZipFileMBS functions with compress to string or decompress from string.
* Fixed Audio plugin, so PortAudio classes find devices again.
* Added more methods to LCMS2ProfileMBS class.
* Added LCMS2ToneCurveMBS class.
* Added RemoveAccentsMBS function.
* Fixed bug with AutoLevelCopyMBS.
* Fixed bug with ScaleImageAndMaskMBS and ScaleMBS functions in picture class.
* Removed OpenEditableMovieHandleMBS function as it does not work.
* Fixed OpenAsEditableMovieMBS so you don't get nil object exception.


Re: [MBS] [ANN] 12.0pr4
Date: 01.01.12 17:40 (Sun, 1 Jan 2012 17:40:34 +0100)
From: Christian Schmitz

Am 01.01.2012 um 16:52 schrieb Christian Schmitz:

> Hi,
> * …

Uploaded wrong archive, so I'll upload again. Will take an hour or two...