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[MBS] Re: multiple devices with Windows MIDI - buffer size?   -   Aaron Andrew Hunt

[MBS] Re: multiple devices with Windows MIDI - buffer size?
Date: 03.04.12 23:07 (Tue, 3 Apr 2012 18:07:15 -0400)
From: Aaron Andrew Hunt
Thank you, Julia, for the helpful answer and clear example code. As in many cases, the windows classes just work differently than the mac classes, and my brain was stuck in Mac mode.

BTW, do you have any insight into how the choice of buffer size affects the performance of the inputs?

On Apr 3, 2012, at 6:00 AM, <email address removed> wrote:
> From: Julia Truchsess
> Hi Aaron,
> I talk to multiple Windows midi devices no problem. I just instantiate and open as many WindowsMidiInputMBS's and WindowsMidiOutputMBS's as are needed:
> // Open every Midi device in the system
> dim wmin As MyWindowsMidiInputMBS, wmout As MyWindowsMidiOutputMBS
> For i as Integer = 0 to MyWinMidi.NumberOfMidiInputDevices-1
> wmin = new MyWindowsMidiInputMBS
> WinMidiInput.Append wmin
> WinMidiInput(i).Open(i,4096)
> WinMidiInput(i).Start
> WinMidiInput(i).DeviceNum = i
> next
> for o as Integer = 0 to MyWinMidi.NumberOfMidiOutputDevices-1
> wmout = new MyWindowsMidiOutputMBS
> WinMidiOutput.Append wmout
> WinMidiOutput(o).Open(o)
> WinMidiOutput(o).DeviceNum=o
> Next
> Julia
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