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[MBS] PortAudio fun followup
Date: 30.04.12 03:48 (Sun, 29 Apr 2012 21:48:05 -0500)
From: Garth Hjelte
You'll like this one...

So your fix/suggestion on PortAudio, to set the OutputParameters.SampleFormat to paFloat32 and SuggestedLatency = .2 worked to cure the dropout. Yea!

But after that, and what I thought was unrelated, was that my display cursor for my waveform picture all of a sudden got jumpy, like the resolution for the graphics got all weird. I checked lots of things regarding graphics but couldn't find the answer.

Finally I found that Stream.SamplePosition was giving me the same values over say 8512 samples worth, like the resolution went way down. That was causing the jumpy cursor. BUT...

So I went back to the stream and I commented out the SuggestedLatency = .2 line, and now the cursor is smooth again but the dropout is back. I thought the problem was related to the SampleFormat parameter, but no, it looks like the suggested latency is what cured it, but then the resolution of SamplePosition is unacceptable.

Any ideas?

Garth Hjelte
Sampler User

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