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  [MBS] [ANN] 13.2pr1   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 13.2pr1
Date: 24.05.13 23:00 (Sat, 25 May 2013 00:00:13 +0200)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Updated SQLAPI++ 4.1.1.
* Fixed a couple of memory leaks with unreleased Cocoa objects.
* Added NSFontMBS.file function.
* Fixed NewCFObjectMBSFromXML which was broken in 13.1.
* Added more NSCoderMBS methods.
* Added NSKeyedArchiverMBS class and NSKeyedUnarchiverMBS class.
* Fixed a bug in XMP Plugin with files on Windows SMB shares being edited on Mac OS X.
* Added XLBookMBS.LibVersion so you can easier see which version of libXL we use.
* Added FormatDateMBS function for localized date formatting in applications.
* Updated DynaPDF to version
* Changed several MT methods to lock their parent object to make sure it's not destroyed while we run helper thread.
* Added SpinningProgressIndicatorMBS class.
* Added Cancel Property for CURLMBS/CURLSMBS.
* Removed DynaPDFRectMBS.Height property. Depending on top/down vs. bottom/up coordinates it had wrong sign.
* Added more NSFontManagerMBS methods.
* Added QTKitCaptureViewMBS.setInputFilter, QTKitCaptureViewMBS.setOutputFilter, QTKitMovieViewMBS.setInputFilter and QTKitMovieViewMBS.setOutputFilter.
* Added didDisplayImage events from QTKitCaptureViewMBS and QTKitMovieViewMBS.
* Removed willDisplayImage events from QTKitCaptureViewMBS and QTKitMovieViewMBS.
* Split Cocoa plugin into Cocoa and CocoaControls. New plugin contains mainly control classes, HTMLViewer and PDFKit classes.
* Added NSViewMBS.setFocus method.
* Added methods and events to NSApplicationMBS, NSWindowDelegateMBS and NSWindowMBS related to window restoration.
* Added NSWindowRestoreHandlerMBS class.
* Added AVFoundation plugin. 80 new classes.
* Added DADiskMBS, DADissenterMBS and DASessionMBS classes.
* Changed willDisplayImage event in QTKitCaptureViewMBS and QTKitMovieViewMBS classes to perform event on main thread.
* Fixed bug in Movie.AddTextTrackMBS with unicode text handling.