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  [MBS] [ANN] 17.3pr7   -   Christian Schmitz

[MBS] [ANN] 17.3pr7
Date: 15.07.17 17:36 (Sat, 15 Jul 2017 18:36:05 +0200)
From: Christian Schmitz

* Added WindowsDeviceModeMBS.ApplyToSetupString method.
* Updated WindowsDeviceModeMBS class methods for SetupString to handle 2017r1 SetupString format.
* Added XLBookMBS methods to load partially and load/save with temp file.
* Added GMImageMBS.PNGLibVersion function.
* Changed Contacts, CoreLocation and MapKit plugin parts to better load on macOS 10.13 and not crash.
* Added check to CGPDFDocumentMBS to raise out of memory exception in low memory conditions to avoid crashes later.